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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tour of Steam Whistle Brewing in Toronto offers packaging and branding insights

About a year ago I wrote a cover story for PrintAction detailing how Steam Whistle Brewing and other craft breweries are revolutionizing beer branding, packaging, and consumption in Canada.

Since then I have watched half a dozen Guinness-loving beer connoisseurs from Belfast, who have visited me socially at various times, marvel over the product quality and packaging innovations created by our local microbreweries—not to mention the fact that their products are uniquely Canadian (whereas all of Canada’s major mainstream breweries are owned by foreign interests.)

Now I see that PAC – The Packaging Association has organized a group tour on Wednesday, April 10, 2013, to give packaging professionals a glimpse of Steam Whistle Brewing’s brand new bottle-washing, filling and packaging line. 

I’m sure readers will find a visit to the brewery in downtown Toronto as enlightening as I did, either as part of PAC’s tour or the tours the brewery regularly runs for the public.