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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Vertis ex-workers in Fort Erie post song describing their ordeal

Rooster1966, one of my faithful social-media sources, advises that the ex-workers of the closed Vertis Communications plant in Fort Erie, Ontario, have composed a ballad about their recent legal and political ordeal.  

Based on the lyrics, I'm guessing that the title of the song is “Thank you very much for dumping on me”.  

A folk rendition, performed by a cartoon cat (with an unexpectedly good singing voice), is posted on YouTube at:

Update on 23 April 2013:
Very sorry to report that the video mentioned above has been removed from YouTube by the user, and as yet I have been unable to locate it elsewhere.  I will post its new location here if and when I find it. 

Background on this story is available at: