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Friday, March 15, 2013

Pierre Karl Péladeau stepping down as Quebecor CEO

Yesterday came the unexpected announcement that, after 14 years, Pierre Karl Péladeau is stepping down as president and CEO of Quebecor Inc. and its major subsidiary Quebecor Media Inc., effective May 8th.  Although Mr. Péladeau's participation in everyday operations will diminish, he still plans to remain active in overseeing strategic issues at both companies as chairman of the board of Quebecor Media and vice-chairman of the board of Quebecor Inc.

Quebecor Inc. was founded by his father, also named Pierre Péladeau (1925-1997), in the mid-1960s based on newspapers and printing.  It is now one of Canada’s largest media and telecom companies. 

Mr. Péladeau’s own account of the upcoming management changes appears in the Toronto Sun (he is also president and CEO of Sun Media Corporation, one of Quebecor's subsidiaries) at:

Other Canadian media outlets are now weighing in with various retrospectives and opinions on Quebecor's development and Mr. Péladeau’s career; for example, at: