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Monday, September 23, 2013

StampaTech Intelligent packaging innovation available free until December 31st

StampaSud S.P.A., Mottola (near Taranto), southeast Italy
Earlier this month, Italian printing company StampaSud   S. P. A. launched StampaTech, an intelligent packaging innovation that lets users access unlimited amounts of information from a product's label.  It can connect to data on everything from point of origin, current location, ingredients, quality and freshness indicators, instructions for use, shopping and social media sites, satisfaction surveys, and other marketing collateral.  Besides increasing consumer trust, it offers a huge potential to facilitate operations like delivery tracking, quality monitoring, supply analytics, mass recalls, counterfeit detection, sales, and marketing of food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and many types of consumer goods.

StampaSud's Commercial and R&D Director, Tony Calo, stated:  "We wanted something that allowed digital systems to work at 360 degrees on a platform of print that is in reality the basis of most communication.  There was currently nothing in the market that had the ability to do this, so we built one ourselves"

Mr. Calo is especially happy that StampaTech places print in what he believes is its primary role of leading digital communication; it is easy enough for every brander, agency, print buyer and manufacturer to use and afford; and that it works with all hand-held media.

He also notes that it offers more appeal and interactivity than NFC and QR codes (but can be incorporated with them as needed), plus it is more environmentally friendly, less expensive, and requires no post-printing finishing work in contrast to RFID or security tagging solutions.

Mr. Calo’s unorthodox marketing techniques for StampaTech have included a product launch during a 6-day gathering on Italy's Mediterranean coast of select international guests whom Calo met on social media (see
Sauce label employs StampaTech technology

In an upcoming issue of PrintAction I will be devoting an entire column to StampaTech, complete with working samples and case studies as the technology becomes more widespread and more examples become available.

Meanwhile, to launch the product onto the market, Mr. Calo has announced that his company will provide a free introductory package to all manufacturers and branders who register before 2014.  To receive further information, please visit  and leave your details in order to be re-contacted.

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