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Thursday, November 15, 2012

New York resident explains how printed newspaper provided a lifeline after Hurricane Sandy

RISI, Inc., a commercial organization that bills itself on line as “The Leading Information Provider For the Global Forest Products Industry”, has published a list of seven reasons why printing proved its value in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. 

All seven reasons were collected from comments submitted on line by residents of the mid-Atlantic United States.  Although some of the reasons seem to conflate “news” with “newspaper” conceptually or overlook the obvious fact that electrical power is necessary to produce print, I really liked reason number five, consisting of the following testimonial from New York:
When I awoke to what looked like a war zone Tuesday [Oct. 30], I thought I was completely cut off from the outside world - no power, no Internet, no phone, no battery-operated or hand-cranked radio (since rectified). But when I ventured outside my apartment building, I spotted a newspaper box with an amazing sight: that day's edition of the New York Daily News. It had obviously ‘gone to bed' too early the previous evening to have all the news of the storm, but I eagerly dug in. At that moment print was clearly the superior technology for conveying news.

If interested, you can find the whole list of seven reasons at:

The list was originally published in Dead Tree Edition, a blog by a magazine-industry manager who goes by the pseudonym D. Eadward Tree.  Mr. Tree describes his blog as “Insights, analysis, practical advice, and smart-aleck comments related to the production and distribution of publications, such as magazines and catalogs, in the United States.”