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Friday, May 3, 2013

Ken Lanci of Consolidated Graphics Group to run for mayor of Cleveland

More news on printers in politics:

Ken Lanci, owner, chairman, and CEO of Consolidated Graphics Group Inc., is expected to announce he is running for mayor of Cleveland at a news conference he has scheduled at his business at 12:30 p.m. on Monday.

This week he filed preliminary paperwork that allows him to raise and spend money on polling. 

Mr. Lanci is known locally for his philanthropy and for spending hundreds of thousands of his own dollars on a failed 2010 bid for Cuyahoga County executive.  (But keep in mind that even Winston Churchill lost an election.)

A nonpartisan primary will be held in Cleveland next September, from which the two candidates with the most votes will advance to the election in November.

Update on 7 May 2013:

It’s official.  As expected, on Monday Ken Lanci announced his intention to run as a Democrat in Cleveland’s 2013 mayoral election, making him the first challenger officially to enter the race against favoured two-term Democratic incumbent Frank Jackson.  Mr. Lanci says priorities of his platform will include reforming Cleveland’s substandard public-school system, reducing crime, improved public safety, and poverty reduction through job creation.

Mr. Lanci was born and raised in a housing project on Cleveland’s east side.  His press release says he rescued the family business from bankruptcy when he was only 19 and has since built and turned around many other businesses.  His current enterprise, Consolidated Graphics Group Inc., employees over 150 people.