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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Can an equipment vendor reclaim its leased press from your shop if it objects to what you're printing?

Further to my post of 29 April/13 ), it seems that, besides issues of gun control and civil rights, Cody Wilson’s use of 3D-printing technology to manufacture firearms also raises an issue of censorship.  

The background here is that, when Mr. Wilson's organization, Defense Distributed, first started using 3D printers to make gun parts, the 3D-printer manufacturer Stratasys cancelled Mr. Wilson’s lease on one of their machines.

So does this scenario mean that if:
  1. you’re a manufacturer of printing presses, and
  2. I’m a printer, and
  3. you don’t happen to like the content of a particular job I’m running on a press that I’ve leased from you or you think the content is illegal:
Then you automatically have the legal right to pull your press out of my shop?

What does everybody think?