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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Growing opportunities in toner and inkjet packaging

About a year ago, I interviewed Simon Healy (right), chairman of Mediaware Digital (Dublin, Ireland), about his company’s early adoption of Xerox’s toner-based Gallop production line to produce short-run folding cartons in multiple languages for Microsoft software (below left). 

In my resulting article, he explains how toner packaging provides multiple solutions for the manufacturer’s needs, including small orders for new global niche markets and introducing new brands, inventory micromanagement, and agile on-demand Web-to-print applications.

Now Mr. Healy is scheduled to be a featured speaker at a February 28th workshop in Mississauga, Ontario, sponsored by Xerox for PAC - The Packaging Association:        

The event provides another opportunity among many to investigate the growing multitude of technologies and opportunities in inkjet and toner packaging—which also include: