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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cross-platform holiday catalogues improve shopping experience for customers

Recent innovations by major retailers to their holiday catalogues have confirmed my September-2010 report from major Canadian binderies that the market for printed catalogues is evolving in new directions but still remains strong: 

As just one example, Sears Holdings Corp. has expanded the value of its holiday tool catalogue as a specialized niche publication via such innovations as full-length articles, QR bar codes, and extensive links to social media.  A Florida tool lover’s online review of this year’s catalogue really drove home the impact of these new features to me by describing how much his annual pleasures of pouring over the publication and compiling his Christmas wish list have been enhanced by access to such online extras as product reviews, demo videos, and chatting with tool experts:

For more details on how the Wish Book makeover is designed to enhance the customer’s experience see:

P.S. on 19 Nov/10:  The efforts of recovering giant, General Motors, to sustain its profitability also include an extensive push on social-media marketing:  Thanks to my LinkedIn contact Cristina Molinari, VP Sales at ATEX Inc. in Montreal, for referring me to the last link.